Biogas production and consumption are increasing in a world concerned with both the cost of energy and the environmental impact of energy production and waste disposal. Biogas production facilities, like digesters, landfills and waste water treatment plants require robust equipment to handle the wet, acidic gas produced.

Organic Waste Digester

One type of organic waste is manure. Manure digester gas is one of the fastest growing sources for RNG and a tough gas to handle. As bacteria breaks down the organic matter in the lagoon, the methane that is produced typically contains high levels of H2S, CO2 and heavily saturated with H2O, these conditions are easily handled by a Ro-Flo.

Landfill Gas

Waste-to-energy profitability at a landfill may depend upon the efficiency and reliability of the compression technology selected. For years Ro-Flo compressors have been utilized in LFG applications providing low maintenance, 24/7 operation and remarkable turndown capabilities.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Vital to our society and our everyday way of life. Ro-Flo compressors are collecting gases in waste water treatment plants all over the world. These plants are processing billions of gallons of sewage. In many cases the plants are using the sewage gases to run engine-generators, creating electricity to utilize in their facility.

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