Ro-Flo serves broad and varied niches. We do not profess to be experts in other types of compression technologies, but feel some comparative information of a general sort might be helpful to our visitors.

In the links below we have presented what we hope you will find to be some straightforward, objective information about some of the leading compression technologies we see being considered for similar applications to Ro-Flo’s.

blue Rotary Sliding Vane Compressor


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Rotary VaneLiquid RingFlooded ScrewLobe (Blower)Centrifugal Blower
Inlet Vacuum~ 28 inches Hg~ 28 inches HgRequires minimum ∆P~ 16 inches Hg~ 16 inches Hg
Max Discharge Pressure (psig)200200+200+~ 20-25~ 20-15
Max Pressure Ratio7:14:110:13:12:1
Flow Variation Over Life of UnitLowLowHighMedLow
Process Gas ContaminationLowHighHighLowLow
Power RequirementLowHighMedLowLow
Coolant FlowLowHighMedN/AN/A
Acid ToleranceStandard MaterialsRequires StainlessRequires StainlessRequires StainlessRequires Stainless
Ease of RepairOn site/hand toolsSend to shopSend to shopSend to shopSend to shop
Process Dew Point Concern?NoYesYesNoNo

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