Associated Gas Recovery Solutions

Ro-Flo compressors are in service in every oil and gas producing area of the world. Whether enhancing oil recovery by reduced casing pressure or vapor management during oil storage, Ro-Flo’s have become the preferred compressor for challenging gas stream applications.

Tank Vapor Recovery

Collecting saturated tank vapors with various gas compositions is common work for the Ro-Flo sliding vane compressor. Compliance and utilization of a valuable product are achieved. When the vapors have a high molecular weight or contain H2S, the Ro-Flo is the easy choice.

Flare Gas Recovery

Recovering waste gases that would normally be flared, to be used somewhere else as a fuel gas. Thus reducing emissions and enhancing profitability. The sliding vane compressor is an extremely cost effective solution for this application, especially when comparing to a liquid ring compressor

Casing Gas

The production from a depleted oil well can be enhanced by reducing the pressure on the well casing. Gas and fluids flow more easily, increasing production. In the past, casing gas was vented to atmosphere or flared. Capturing and utilizing this rich gas has now become common practice, generating additional revenues.

Other common Oil & Gas applications:

  • Gas Gathering
  • FPSO
  • Wellhead Pressure Relief
  • Flash Gas
  • Gas Boosting
  • Sour Gas VRU
  • Acid Gas VRU
  • Vessel Unloading

Want to Learn More?

The overall design and materials used to build a Ro-Flo compressor makes it one of the most reliable compressors ever built. Give us a call to discuss how we can meet your needs.