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Rotary Vane Compressors

Recognized for its ability to handle sour, acid and wet gas, the Ro-Flo product line is ideal when capital, operational and maintenance cost are important. Individual Ro-Flo compressors have served applications for as long as 50 years. Maintenance is a simple one-man job. A full rebuild can be completed in about a shift.

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Quick Facts

  • Rotary, positive displacement compressors

  • Flows from 3 to 3,500 MSCFD (3.5 to 3,850 Nm³/hr)
  • Inlet to 28″ Hg vacuum (5kPa absolute)
  • Discharge pressure to 200 PSIG (13.6 bar gauge)
  • One and Two-stage arrangements
  • Sour, acid and wet gas service

Recent Articles

Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic Conveying Using compressed gas (air) and/or vacuum to move bulk materials such as granules and powders is called pneumatic conveying.  Whether a dilute phase, dense phase or other type of pneumatic conveying system, producers know that pneumatic conveyance is the life blood of their plant.  This is why the cement industry has relied on Ro-Flo compressors and vacuum pumps as the heart of their pneumatic conveying systems for over 40 years. Dilute Phase (Lean Phase) Conveying Arguably, the most the common type of pneumatic conveying is referred to as dilute or lean phase conveying.  It is also frequently referred to as suspension flow.  This type of pneumatic conveying can be characterized by lower pressures, higher velocities and a low ratio of product to air in the conveying stream.  Dilute-phase conveying can be done with positive pressure or vacuum pressure. Dense Phase Conveying Contrary to dilute phase conveying, dense phase conveying is characterized by higher pressures, lower velocities and a high ratio of product to air in the conveying stream.  Dense-phase conveying is done with positive pressure where pulses of air will push slugs of material in succession along the conveying stream. There are other methods of pneumatic conveying, such as air-activated gravity conveying, and one can also have combinations of pneumatic conveying such as medium phase pneumatic conveying.  However, all types of pneumatic conveying rely on a compressor and/or vacuum pump.  Ro-Flo compressors and vacuum pumps are designed to handle all types of pneumatic conveying.  Their model configurations and variable speed capability ensure that the highest efficiency is maintained. Ro-Flo’s pneumatic conveying applications include product transfer, railcar unloading, mixing, bulk storage and dispensing, to name a few.  Ro-Flo’s can be used in conjunction with dry material injection pumps.  Pneumatic Conveying Systems are used in many industries such as mining, [...]

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“Always a pleasure doing business with Ro-Flo Compressors. We get such great support when needed and you simply make the best rotary vane compressor. Ro-Flo is a key part of our product offering and we hope to increase business for us both in the future.”

David C, Surface Pumps, Inc.

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“We have used Ro-Flo products for well over a decade, and they are the most robust machines we have packaged. Their low-maintenance requirements are only exceeded by the ease of service.”

Peter G., Glauber Equipment Co.

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“We have been working with Ro-Flo for over a decade and we count Ro-Flo as one of our top-tier OEM partners. Their compressors are truly designed for VRU service and Ro-Flo is the company we go to for all our VRU opportunities. The reliability and quality of their compressors are excellent and we value and enjoy the relationship we have built with Ro-Flo over the years.”

Marty Holzinger, Compass Energy Systems Ltd.

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“We have worked with Ro-Flo for over 20 years, and over that time their compressors and vacuum pumps have complimented our gas compressor packages around the world. Their suitability for a range of hydrocarbon and toxic gases has made Ro-Flo one of our key suppliers”

Tony Silk, Gas Compressors Ltd.

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