Corrosive Gas Applications by Ro-Flo

Ro-Flo’s pass through lubrication and quality components have made it the industry standard for difficult to manage, corrosive industrial process gas streams.

Syn Gas

Waste-to-Energy. Discarded products such as old tires, automobile shred residue, diapers, roof shingles and plastics are processed through a thermal reactor producing gaseous hydrocarbons, these gases are then processed though a condenser and a gas/oil separator. This gas is then compressed with a Ro-Flo compressor and either utilized to heat the reactor or produce electricity.


Starting as a coproduct of ethylene, the 1,3-butadiene monomer is extracted and purified, then transferred to manufactures to use in the production of tires, hoses, belts, gaskets and other rubber products. The Ro-Flo compressor has been used in and around these manufacturers for decades.

Hydrogen Recovery

Various petrochemical and refining processes generate hydrogen-rich off-gases. Ro-Flo compressors have become the dependable cost effective solution for these applications.

Want to Learn More?

The overall design and materials used to build a Ro-Flo compressor makes it one of the most reliable compressors ever built. Give us a call to discuss how we can meet your needs.