Ro-Flo rotary sliding vane compressors have decades of experience in air compression and pneumatic conveying. The Ro-Flo design is robust and dependable, yet efficient and simple. So simple that most routine maintenance can be done without removing the compressor from the installation.

The Ro-Flo sliding vane compressor has an eccentrically mounted rotor in a water jacketed cylinder. Vanes, mounted in the rotor slots, move freely in and out of the slots and are held against the cylinder wall by centrifugal force. The clearance between the vane and the cylinder wall never increases, which means performance never drops off.

Typical compressor lead time is 8 weeks. Most parts orders ship same day.

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The overall design and materials used to build a Ro-Flo compressor makes it one of the most reliable compressors ever built. Give us a call to discuss how we can meet your needs.