Using compressed gas (air) and/or vacuum to move bulk materials like granules and powders is referred to as pneumatic conveying. In industries such as cement, mining, chemicals, and plastics, pneumatic conveying systems are crucial, often acting as the lifeblood of the production facility.

For over 40 years, Ro-Flo Compressors and Vacuum Pumps have been at the heart of these systems, trusted by producers for their reliability and efficiency.

Dilute Phase (Lean Phase) Conveying

Arguably the most common form of pneumatic conveying, dilute phase (or lean phase) conveying operates under lower pressures and higher velocities. This method is ideal for moving non-abrasive, non-fragile materials with low bulk density, featuring a low ratio of product to air in the conveying stream. Whether using positive or vacuum pressure, dilute phase conveying is known for its efficiency and simplicity.

Dense Phase Conveying

In contrast, dense phase conveying uses higher pressures and lower velocities, moving a high ratio of product to air. This method is suitable for heavier, more abrasive materials and moves them in successive slugs along the conveying stream, ensuring minimal wear and tear on the conveying equipment.

Other Conveying Methods

Beyond these common types, Ro-Flo systems can accommodate a variety of specialized conveying needs, including:

  • Air-activated gravity conveying
  • Medium-phase conveying which combines features of both dilute and dense phase systems

All types depend crucially on high-quality compressors and vacuum pumps, which Ro-Flo designs to handle any pneumatic conveying application efficiently.

Applications of Ro-Flo Pneumatic Systems

Ro-Flo’s technology is versatile, used in various applications such as:

  • Product Transfer
  • Railcar Unloading
  • Mixing
  • Bulk Storage
  • Dispensing

These systems are designed to be dependable, easy to maintain, and built to last, making Ro-Flo a preferred partner in keeping industrial plants operational.

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