Biogas is a natural energy source made from the decomposition of biological matter. More simply put, when food, animal waste, plants, sewage, and other natural waste are broken down by bacteria, a gas is formed that includes methane. Scientists have determined that this byproduct, biogas, can be a useful source of energy. The process of collecting biogas and converting it into a usable form requires specific equipment, such as a Ro-Flo compressor.

The Importance of Biogas Management with RoFlo Compressors

While biogas is naturally created through the decomposition of biological matter, the gas requires some processing to be transformed into an effective energy source. The processing includes cleaning, purifying, and drying. The Ro-Flo compressor is used to collect, move, and manage the gas through these steps. Without proper management, the gas produced by rotting matter has a relatively low energy value and is not suitable for use in most equipment.

Biogas is an Environmentally-Friendly Energy Source

Oil and natural gas are considered to be non-renewable resources, as it takes thousands of years to form and we are depleting them faster than they can recover. It is crucial that we explore alternative energy sources, and biogas is one positive solution. Biogas is a sustainable resource. It does not have to be expensively extracted as many fossil fuels do. As long as people keep making garbage, biogas will be created. The key is to manage it and purify it so that it can be used effectively.

Uses for Biogas

There are many everyday uses for biogas, for both commercial and residential applications:

  • Vehicle Fuel. Biogas is already in use for vehicle fuel in the United Kingdom and Sweden and is projected to be able to replace a possible 17% of gasoline use there. The United States could soon follow suit.
  • Home Heat. Biogas could replace electricity, natural gas, or propane as a home heating fuel.
  • Cooking. Biogas could also replace electricity, natural gas, or propane as cooking fuel.

As technology develops, biogas should become a more affordable, widely-used source of energy for homes and businesses. The hope is that biogas appliances and vehicles will become more commonplace, and make an overwhelmingly positive step in improving the world’s energy production.

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