A vapor recovery compressor is a specially designed compressor used for handling wet, heavy , or acidic gases. Its main purpose is to recover vapor that would otherwise be released into the air, mitigating air pollution. The captured vapor is then cleaned, separating the valuable constituents from the harmful contaminants. Rotary sliding vane compressors are one of the best types of compressors for this use, as they have the ability to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and require very little maintenance.

How Vapor Recovery Compressors Are Used

Ro-Flo vapor recovery compressors are commonly used in oil storage tank applications, but they can be used in a range of industries. Biogas (including landfills, digesters and wastewater facilities), chemical processing facilities, and syngas operations also rely on our equipment to help them meet local, state, and federal regulations for emissions. In the case of biogas, these captured vapors can be used as direct, on-site energy, reducing operating expenses; this is referred to as waste to energy, or WTE, technology.

Benefits of Using a Vapor Recovery Compressor

Although vapor recovery compressors are used in a wide array of industries, from waste disposal to chemical manufacturing, they serve the same purpose in each of these applications: to reduce emissions. Vapor contains potentially harmful pollutants that impact the health of communities as well as the environment. Regulations stipulate that industries must limit, or even reduce over time, the amount of emissions they release.

Ro-Flo rotary sliding vane vapor recovery compressors have another benefit when used for collecting biogas: they save money and even generate new revenue for operators. Biogas compressors can use the collected vapor to feed industrial boilers, fuel for vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG), and provide energy for facility operations, reducing the amount of outside energy that needs to be purchased. Excess energy generated by the biogas can be sold for profit to other businesses.

In many parts of the world, biogas is qualified for renewable energy subsidies. Compressed biogas is already widely used in Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany, and there’s even a biogas-powered train in Sweden. As both businesses and consumers become more concerned about their environmental impact, the market for biogas is only expected to grow.

Why Choose a Ro-Flo Vapor Recovery Compressor

Rotary screw and reciprocating compressors can be used for vapor recovery, but rotary sliding vane compressors are the best solutions on the market. Sliding vane compressors only require a small amount of oil for lubrication; they need little maintenance and when they do need repairs, they can be repaired onsite in a short amount of time using just three tools.

There is no better choice than a time-tested rotary sliding vane compressor from Ro-Flo.

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